World War One in Medway

Index of the Men of the Medway Towns who died in World War One
by Michael de Caville (1946-2010).

Michael De Caville (1946-2010).

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About Michael De Caville (1946-2010) and the FOMA De Caville Index

Michael, or Mick, served in the army, with the Middlesex Regiment, for a period in Northern Ireland, and this left him with empathy for those who had given their lives in the service of their country. He was drawn to the fallen of World War One and over twenty-five years ago he began a quest to record street by street the men of the Medway Towns who had died during the Great War.

Before his premature death in 2010, Tessa Towner, then the Chairman of the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA), promised Mick that they would finish his work and publish in 2014 an index to his research. In honour of this promise, and since 2010, FOMA has added to Mick’s work by incorporating all those commemorated on any war memorial in the Medway Towns, with the exception of the Chatham Naval Memorial. Names from the latter can be found on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website .

Memorials which are included in the index were found in schools, factories, village halls, and churches. A solitary name was even found at the National Westminster Bank in Rochester High Street.

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Soldiers’ Stories on Our Streets was a Heritage Lottery Funded community research project, which ran between 2018 and 2019, inspired by the FOMA De Caville Index. The project was a Medway Council initiative and involved FOMA volunteers. The project produced two large scale maps (see below) highlighting all the streets in Medway who lost a serviceman during the Great War.

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Regular progress reports for the project were also produced for FOMA's journal, The Clock Tower, see issues 51 (August 2018), 52 (November 2018) and 53 (February 2019).

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