The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 53, February 2019

Front Cover: Bob Ratcliffe, 1936-2018.

Inside Front Cover: More on Bob Ratcliffe.

Chairman’s Letter, Elaine Gardner.

Secretary’s Report, Odette Buchanan.

Obituary: Bob Ratcliffe, 1936-2018, Rob Flood, Norma Crowe, and Richard Bourne.

Remembrance Sunday, Sue Haydock.

Soldiers’ Stories on Our Streets, Abby Found.

Christmas at The Medway Archives, Amanda Thomas.

What and Why?
The Charnel House, Gun Lane, Strood, Odette Buchanan.

My West End, Janet King; Part 1.

Gaining Traction, Richard Bourne.

Travels of a Tin Trunk, Michael Baker; Part 10: Nigeria (i).

Huguenot Museum Update, Dinah Winch.

Inside Back Cover: Gaining Traction.

Back Cover: Farewell, Bob.

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