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The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

The copy deadline for Issue 71 of The Clock Tower is Monday 31 July 2023, with publication on Wednesday 23 August 2023.
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Editorial Deadlines

The last Monday (or Tuesday when a Bank Holiday occurs) of January, April, July and October. Articles, letters, photos and any information to be considered for inclusion in the journal must be received before this date by the Editor.

Publication Date

The fourth Wednesday following the editorial deadline. The Clock Tower is printed by Barkers Litho , Unit 18 Castle View Business Centre, Gas House Road, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1PB; telephone: 01634 829048.


The copyright of the contents of The Clock Tower belongs to the Friends of Medway Archives and the authors and owners of any articles and photographs printed. The contents of The Clock Tower may not be reproduced without permission of the Editor and/or the Medway Archives Centre.

Front Cover Accreditations

The logo for The Clock Tower was designed by Bob Ratcliffe. The banner design (incorporating the logo) and the title The Clock Tower were designed by Dr Alexander Thomas . The Clock Tower Index is updated by Nic Nicholas.

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The latest and previous editions of The Clock Tower are open to FOMA members only and are therefore password protected. If you wish to become a member of FOMA click here.

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Further Information

Further information on the Medway Archives Centre can be obtained on the MAC website or by writing to Medway Archives Centre , 32 Bryant Road, Strood, Rochester, Kent, ME2 3EP. Telephone +44 (0)1634 332714; fax +44 (0)1634 297060.

General enquiries about the Friends can be obtained from the FOMA Chairman. All correspondence should be directed to the FOMA Secretary.

Membership enquiries should be directed to FOMA's Membership Secretary.

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