The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 62, May 2021

Front Cover: Thank you, Josie!

Inside Front Cover: FOMA’s First Zoom Event; Auction Purchase; Decimalisation Memories.

Chairman’s Letter, Elaine Gardner.

Obituary, Lady Margaret Worcester; Brian Kingsley Smith.

Secretary’s Report, Chris de Coulon Berthoud.

Vice-Chairman’s Ramblings, Rob Flood.

Medway Archives Centre News, Elspeth Millar.

FOMA’s First Zoom Event, Amanda Thomas.

Letters to Dolly, Chris de Coulon Berthoud.

Dockyard Medicine: The Road less Travelled in Historical Research, Vanessa Sanderson

The Wonderful Wolsey, Janet King.

What and Why?
'Devotion’s Voice has been Unheard Within Its Hallowed Precincts'.
The Fate of Lidsing Chapel, Brian Joyce

Introduction, Amanda Thomas;
Thruppence for Two Ounces of Sweets, Pauline Weeds;
Pre and Post Decimal Coins, Michael Jennings;
Decimal or Imperial?, Stuart Tranter;
A Child’s View, Rob Flood;
Phone Boxes and Postage, Hazel Thorn;
Water and Jam, Elaine Gardner.

Readers’ Letters
Home-Made Christmas Pressies - Odette Buchanan;
The Diaries of Marjorie Gunn - Catharina Clement;
Henry Lepper of Lydd - David Veall;
The Pedoscope - Michael Jennings;
Not the Decimalisation Anniversary - Steve Cross.

Inside Back Cover: Chatham Intra’s Pop Up Museum.

Back Cover: Chatham Intra’s Pop Up Museum

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