The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 6, May 2007

Front Cover: Pocahontas

News and Events, including Gun Lane Mortuary

Archives Update, Stephen Dixon

In Search of Thomas Fletcher Waghorn (1800-1850), Dr Andrew Ashbee

Friends Overseas: Medway Memories, Daphne Guthrie

The Victoria County History at MALSC , Burham and Halling cement works
Dr Andrew Hann

A Clock Tower Special Feature: Pocahontas
Introduction, Stephen Dixon

A Descendant of Pocahontas - Stuart Cresswell, Amanda Thomas

The Other Rochester and the Other Pocahontas, Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck

Editor’s Footnotes, Amanda Thomas,
Pocahontas and Heacham, birthplace of John Rolfe

Back Cover: Famous Medway People…
Waghorn and Pocahontas

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