The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 56, November 2019

Front Cover: Welcome, Elspeth!

Inside Front Cover: Reminiscence Sessions at the Medway Archives Centre.

Chairman’s Letter, Elaine Gardner.

Secretary’s Report, Chris de Coulon Berthoud.
EBay Purchases for MAC.

Introducing Elspeth Millar!, Amanda Thomas.

Reminiscence Sessions at the Medway Archives Centre, Helen Worthy.

Eddie Lane, Norma Crowe.

HMS Medway, Eddie Lane.

St. Nicholas, Stroud – The Tale of the Missing Churchwarden/Vestry Accounts, Peter Joyce.

A Clock Tower Special Feature
The Outbreak of World War Two:
3 September 1939, Amanda Thomas;
Strood Memories of the Outbreak of World War Two – 3 September 1939, Odette Buchanan;
A Letter from World War Two, Michael Baker;
An Appeal to FOMA Members for Further Information!, Betty Cole.

Voices from the Dockyard, Betty Cole and Norma Crowe;
Tricks of the Trade.

Lives of Rochester Cathedral Choristers, Dr. Andrew Ashbee;
A footnote for Thomas Whiffen.

What and Why?
Jackson’s Recreation Ground, Rochester, Kevin Russell;
Part One.

Travels of a Tin Trunk, Michael Baker;
Part 13: Nigeria, 1898 (iv).

Books for Christmas, Amanda Thomas.

Readers’ Letters
St John's Church Roll of Honour - John J Harfleet, Michael Jennings; George Hanson, Murray Wright;
Before the National Trust/ Cobham Hall, Michael Baker; Caleb Parfect, Barry Cox.

Inside Back Cover: EBay Purchases for MAC.

Back Cover: Strood’s Broomhill Triumphs in the RHS South East in Bloom Awards!

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