The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 42, May 2016

Front and Back Covers: Medway’s Restoration Projects.

Inside Front and Back Covers: Strood’s Industrial Past and the FOMA AGM; The Restoration of Rochester’s Guildhall Museum.

From the Chairman, Tessa Towner.

A Message from Elaine Gardner
The new membership programme: errata.

The FOMA Spring Quiz, Odette Buchanan.

Secretary’s Report, Odette Buchanan.

The Tale of the Old Brown Bus, Bob Ratcliffe.

The Restoration of the Fresco at St. Nicholas Church, Strood, Odette Buchanan.

The 1911 Project, Dr. Andrew Ashbee.

Heritage News, Sue Haydock
‘Treasures Of Rochester Cathedral’.

The Strawberry and Pleasure Gardens in Rochester, Helen Worthy.

The Home Front, Catharina Clement,
Conscientious Objection,
Part 2: Chatham Conscientiously Objects.

Roll out the Red Carpet, P.J. Salter.

Huguenot Museum Update
, Amy Dimmock.

The FOMA AGM, Amanda Thomas.
Including Archivist’s Report, Alison Cable; Local Studies Report, Norma Crowe.

Coming up Next Issue … , Michael Baker.

Editor's Footnotes, Amanda Thomas.
Ten years of FOMA.

News and Events.
Including: Zeal Unabated: The Life of Thomas Fletcher Waghorn, a new book by Andrew Ashbee.

Readers’ Letters
‘James Osenton’, Nancy Jordan;
‘Watts Almshouses’ Boundary Wall’, David Marchant;
‘Photographs Needed of Rochester and Strood’, Ken Measures;
‘Budden Family’, Cyp van de Bult.

Inside Back Cover: Treasures of Rochester Cathedral; The Friends of Chatham Traction.

Back Cover: The Restoration of the Fresco at St. Nicholas Church, Strood.

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