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The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 41, February 2016

Front Cover: Speaker Linda Parker (‘Army Chaplains in World War One’) with FOMA Chairman Tessa Towner and Vice Chairman Elaine Gardner.

Inside Front Cover: The New Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre (MALSC).

New FOMA Treasurer: Josie Iles is welcomed.

Secretary’s Report, Odette Buchanan.

World War One at Wainscott Primary School, Elaine Gardner, FOMA Vice Chairman and Events Coordinator

The Magna Carta Commemoration Lectures, Odette Buchanan.
Dr. Jeremy Clarke: Building Rochester Castle, (22 October 2015);
Mr. Richard Dunn, BA Hons., MPhil. Cantab., Director Royal Engineers Museum, Library and
Archive: Warfare By Design: Fortify, Hold, Siege & Fight, (12 November 2015).

Keeping up with the Victorians, Alison Thomas;
‘Local Businesses through the Advertising of the Day: J L Lyons’.

Street Theatre: the Funeral of Admiral Corry, 1907, Brian Joyce.

The Home Front, Catharina Clement;
Conscientious Objection,
Part 1: The Quakers.

Roll out the Red Carpet, P.J. Salter.

Huguenot Museum Update, Amy Dimmock.

Archives Update, Alison Cable;
Including ‘Medway Archives & Local Studies Centre: Archive collections catalogued 2015’.

Editor's Footnotes, Amanda Thomas.
A review of the past 40 issues of The Clock Tower.

News and Events.

Readers’ Letters

Delivered by Hand, a poem by Chris Cornish.
The Clock Tower’s 40th Issue.

Inside Back Cover and Back Cover: Guildhall Museum Stores Tour.

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