The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 39, August 2015

Front Cover: The Medway Queen paddle steamer and the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk.

Inside Front Cover: Autumn 2015 programme of talks for the anniversaries of the Magna Carta and Siege of Rochester castle by The Friends of Medway Archives, The Friends of Guildhall Museums and the City of Rochester Society,

From the Chairman, Tessa Towner, Chairman.

Secretary's Report, Odette Buchanan.

News and Events.

Heritage News, Sue Haydock;

'The Little Ships,'
'Magna Carta.'

New Members

Keeping up with the Victorians, Alison Thomas;
‘Local Businesses through the Advertising of the Day - Burrell and Sons.’

Things to Come: Television in Medway, 1930-1960, Brian Joyce

The Home Front, Catharina Clement;
‘Blackout Precautions.’

The Napoleonic Wars – The Home Front, Medway and Victory at Last, Odette Buchanan;
Part Two.

Roll out the Red Carpet, P.J. Salter;

Huguenot Museum Update, Amy Adams.

Magnum Opus, Steve Cross;
Football Grounds Frenzy: Kent, a brief guide to the Football Grounds of Kent and South East
London, Mike Floate
The Football Grounds of the Early 1900s, Mike Floate.

Archives Update, Alison Cable.

Inside Back Cover: Poster for the FOMA World War One 1915 exhibition at MALSC

Back Cover: Rochester’s Huguenot Museum Opens!
On 13 July 2015 Rochester’s Huguenot Museum was officially opened by HRH Princess Alexandra.

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