The Clock Tower Journal

The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 38, May 2015

Front Cover: Volunteer Birthday Celebrations!
Doris Herlihy with Simon Lace, Medway Heritage Services Manager.

Inside Front Cover: The MALSC Volunteer Morning and the FOMA AGM.

From the Chairman,
Tessa Towner, Chairman.

Secretary's Report,
Odette Buchanan.

News and Events.

Heritage News:

‘Eastgate House,' Sue Haydock.
‘Eastchurch Museum,' Barry Cox, KCT.

FOMA Members

The New Clock Tower Index,
Nic Nicholas.

New Members.

Readers' Letters

Magnum Opus Update.
Aksel Wooremaa, Mikael Wooremaa.
Austin Budden, Elizabeth Lewis.

Medieval Hospitals and Almshouses, a talk by David Carder, Amanda Thomas.

A Day in May,
Bob Ratcliffe;
The story of the Princess Irene.

The Home Front,
Catharina Clement;
‘VE Day 1945.'

The Napoleonic Wars – The Home Front, Medway and Victory at Last,
Odette Buchanan.

Roll out the Red Carpet,
P.J. Salter;
Anglo Saxons.

Huguenot Museum Update
, Amy Adams.

Magnum Opus,
Steve Cross;
The Birth of British Aviation – Prisoners of Hope, by Helen Landau.

The MALSC Volunteer Morning and the FOMA AGM,
Amanda Thomas.

Inside Back Cover: Rochester's New Huguenot Museum.

Back Cover: The Napoleonic Wars; Eastgate House Refurbishment.

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