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The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 37, February 2015

Front Cover: 1914-2014 Commemorations Come to a Close
Inside Front Cover: The FOMA Committee and Archivist Alison Cable visit the Archives storeroom

From the Chairman, Tessa Towner.

Secretary’s Report, Odette Buchanan.

News and Events

Heritage News
‘Dickens’ Post Box,’ Sue Haydock

FOMA Members
‘Kent in WW1 – People, Places and Events,’ Elaine Gardner.
‘Life Begins at 40?’ Ken Walter.

Readers’ Letters
The De Caville Index, Anne Roscow; Hospitals in the Great War, Ken Crowe; Query on the De Caville Index, Paul Scully; Magnum Opus, Miss J. Beyer.

Archives Update, Alison Cable.

Battle of the Falklands,Bob Ratcliffe.

The Home Front
‘Zeppelins over Gillingham,’ Catharina Clement.

Edwin Harris - Nooks and Corners of By-Gone Rochester no. 64
‘Henry Burrell’s Rag and Bone Shop,’Helen Worthy

A Clock Tower Special Feature:
The Huguenots

England’s first museum dedicated to the history of the Huguenots to open in Rochester, 2015, Amy Adams;
A Brief History of the Huguenots, Odette Buchanan;

Magnum Opus,Steve Cross
‘The French Hospital in England: Its Huguenot History and Collections’ by Tessa Murdoch and Randolph Vigne;

Editor's Footnotes
Rochester's Huguenot Museum,’ Amanda Thomas.

Inside Back Cover: Dickens’ Post Box
The recently reinstated letter box at Gad’s Hill, Higham.

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