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The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

Index: Issue 21, February 2011

Front Cover: All Saints, Wouldham,

Did You Know...?, Philip Evans
Ethel Alice Smith (née Wraight), 1894-1975

Quaker Education and Schooling 1775-1840, Catharina Clement
Part Three
Rochester Quaker Schooling: Rickmans' Girls School 1811-1843 and Robert Styles' Boys
School 1813-1820

Edwin Harris - Recollections of Rochester, Alison Thomas
Richard Watts and his Famous Charity (1)

Archives Update, Alison Cable,
Quarterly Report for the Archives of Great Expectations
September to December 2010

A Day in the Life of St. Bart's (produced 1930), Keith Lambourne
The Medway On Screen project

Major John Blackburn Hart and the Church of All Saints, Wouldham, John Lloyd

A Clock Tower Special Feature

Medway Memories of World War Two and the Battle of Britain; Part Three

Broomhill and the Battle of Britain (2), Fallen Eagle, Odette Buchanan

Medway Memories, JL Keys
A Teenager in the War (2)

Cindy's Little Gems, Cindy O'Halloran
Winget Life and Miss Swinget.

The Victoria County History, Dr Sandra Dunster

Editor's Footnotes, Amanda Thomas
More family history coincidences.

Magnum Opus, Catharina Clement
A review of the latest Medway titles.
Black People in Medway 1655-1914 by Brian Joyce

Betty's Postcards (6), Betty Cole,
In Arcady

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