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Issue 45, February 2017

Front Cover: Goodbye Old Medway Archives!

Inside Front Cover: Remembering the French Dead; the invitation to Henk van der Linden’s award ceremony.

From the Chairman, Tessa Towner.

Secretary’s Report, Odette Buchanan.

Heritage News, Sue Haydock;
‘Mayor Of Medway Remembers French Dead’

St Margaret’s Parish Poor-House, Rochester, Betty Cole;
Part 1.

Rinkomania – The Story of Chatham United Service Skating Rink, Helen Worthy.

Charles Larkin 1775 – 1833, P.J. Salter;
Part 2.

Memories Of Prefabs, Odette Buchanan;
Part 2.

Travels of a Tin Trunk, Michael Baker;
Part 3: ‘Towards The Sudan, 1885’.

Roll out the Red Carpet, P.J. Salter;
‘Introduction’, ‘Twentieth Century, Part 2’.

Archives Update Alison Cable;
‘The New Medway History Centre - Spring 2017’.

Huguenot Museum Update, Amy Dimmock.

Readers’ Letters: Philemon Ewer, David and Miriam Ewer.

Inside Back Cover: Goodbye Old Strong Room; Hello New Strong Room!

Back Cover: A FOMA Celebration.


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