Issue 19, August 2010

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Front Cover: Luton’s Big Game Hunter Revealed; World War Two and Battle of Britain Special

FOMA Members:
The Highs and Lows of Family Research, Elaine Gardner

The Reverend W.H. Waller: Rector Of Luton And Big Game Hunter, Brian Joyce

Quaker Education and Schooling 1775-1840, Catharina Clement

Edwin Harris – Recollections of Rochester, Janet Knight

Archives Update : Quarterly Report for the Archives of Great Expectations, Alison Cable

The Learning and Outreach Programme for The Archives of Great Expectations, Elaine Gardner

A Clock Tower Special Feature
Medway Memories of World War Two and The Battle of Britain
1939 to 1945, A Little Lad Remembers... , Bob Ratcliffe

Cindy’s Little Gems (1), Cindy O’Halloran
Strood at War,

Editor’s Footnotes, Amanda Thomas
The Battle of Britain

Betty’s Postcards (4), Betty Cole
Mr. Micawber