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The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

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Index: Issue 58, May 2020

Front Cover: Lockdown Special

Inside Front Cover: Medway In Lockdown; Women Power.

Chairman’s Letter, Elaine Gardner.

The FOMA AGM Treasurer’s Report, Josie Iles.

Secretary’s Report, Chris de Coulon Berthoud.

Obituary: Ray Maisey.

Medway Archives Centre News, Elspeth Millar.
The Lockdown Project.

Coronaverses, Odette Buchanan.

Events before Lockdown, Norma Crowe,
The Picture Medway Project; Women Power.

The Medway Archives Centre Volunteers’ Day, Amanda Thomas.

The Lloyd Family of Rochester, Pauline Weeds,
Part 1.

The Newcombs and the Nelson Connection, John Sykes,
Part 2.

Travels of a Tin Trunk, Michael Baker,
Part 15: Jebba.

Voices from the Dockyard, Betty Cole and Norma Crowe.

What and Why?
Jackson’s Recreation Ground, Rochester, Kevin Russell,
Part Three: A Footnote.

Readers’ Letters
George Hanson – Murray Wright; Jean Skilling; Betty Cole.;
Do you know Dan Willis – Medway Theatre Group? - Dr Henrik Eger.

Editor's Footnotes, Amanda Thomas,
The Invisible Enemy.

Inside Back Cover and Back Cover:Medway In Lockdown.

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