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The Clock Tower is the quarterly journal produced and published by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

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Index: Issue 46, May 2017

Front Cover: Ten Years Supporting the Medway Archives.

Inside Front Cover: The FOMA Celebration.

Chairman’s Letter, Tessa Towner.

Secretary’s Report, Odette Buchanan.

The FOMA Celebration, Amanda Thomas.

Henk van der Linden Receives the British Empire Medal, Amanda Thomas.

Jeremy Clark’s Talk on the History of Rochester’s Guildhall, Odette Buchanan.

Major Thomas Scott, Peter Lyons;

St Margaret’s Parish Poor-House, Rochester, Betty Cole;
Part 2.

Charles Larkin 1775 – 1833, P.J. Salter;
Part 3.

Memories Of Prefabs, Odette Buchanan;
Part 3.

Roll out the Red Carpet, P.J. Salter;
‘Introduction’, ‘Twenty-First Century’.

Travels of a Tin Trunk, Michael Baker;
Part 4: ‘The Battle of Ginnis, December 1885’.

Huguenot Museum Update, Amy Dimmock.

Archives Update, Alison Cable, Archivist.

Readers’ Letters: Interested in Palaeography?, St Margaret’s Parish Poor-House, Rochester, From the FOMA Facebook Page.

Inside Back Cover and Back Cover: Henk van der Linden receives the British Empire Medal

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