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The FOMA Committee make the presentation of documents to Medway Archivist Alison Cable at Frindsbury Parish Hall. From left to right: Jean Skilling, Betty Cole, Tessa Towner (FOMA Chairman), Amanda Thomas, Bob Ratcliffe, Alison Cable (Medway Archivist), Odette Buchanan, Dr. Sandra Dunster, Kevin Russell.

Tuesday 13th April 2013 saw the launch of the new FOMA Collection with the presentation of some 52 historic documents relating to the Medway area by the Friends of Medway Archives and Local Studies (FOMA).

The presentation was made by the then FOMA Committee and Chairman, Tessa Towner, to the then Medway Archivist, Alison Cable at the Friends’ AGM in Frindsbury Parish Hall. The documents, which were bought at auction, include historic deeds and indentures from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, many of which relate to the Hulkes family.

Tessa Towner commented, “The Friends are delighted to make this presentation and to formally launch what will be known as The FOMA Collection. We hope this will be the first of many donations we will be able to make as supporters of the Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre.”

Click here for a full list of the documents in the FOMA Collection.

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3 1622 Will ? of John Cooper of the City of Rochester Taylor, brother William Cooper of Frindsbury Yeoman, Thomas Cooper my late father.
4 22 March 1610 / 1611 Dated 22 March in the eight year of the reign of King James [1610-11]. John Langley of Frindsbury Carpenter £15 6s 8p paid by Henry Younge of Stroud Yeoman. Henry Younge and Gilbert Younge of Frindsbury Yeoman two and a half acres in Frindsbury known as Binbury. Dean & Chapter land to the west, Henry Younge land to  the south, Thomas Cowper to the east and north to the other parcel of land known as Square.
5 10 October 1622 William Cooper of Frindsbury John Codd, Solomon Codd, John Leggett John Rowle  Plus 3 other small documents in Latin possibly related to the above. Relating to Stood Mill
6 14 October 1622 Number 11. Cooper to John Codd Dillywood Estate.
7 20 September 1624 Number 12. Messrs Cooper to Codd. John Cooper, George Cooper, Henry Cooper sons of Thomas Cooper late of Frindsbury Yeoman. All that messuage or Tenenments two barnes one stable one lodge or outhouse  one yarde one garden one orchard near to DillyWood Names mentioned  Edward Betts John Clarke William Goddens William Cooper Brethren of St Bartholomews
8 30 September 1624 Number 13. Messrs Cooper to John Codd. William Cooper of Frindsbury Yeoman. All that messuage or Tenenments two barnes one stable one lodge or out house one yarde one garden one orchard near to DillyWood
9 5 October 1639 Number 14. Wilkinson to Codd. John Wilkinson of Longfield ? Gent Edward Wilkinson late of London Gent John Codd of the City of Rochester Gent  John ? of Rochester Barber [very fragile could not fully open this one]
10 31 March 1658 Number 15. John Codd to  George Codd. John Codd of Leybourne Clerk only son of John Codd of Rochester Grocer? of the one part. George Codd of Kemsing Yeoman other part. Premises belonging to William Harper? In Frindsbury next to DillyWood and Higham
11 1701 Two (2) deeds severely damaged. One? Wood and his mother to Mr Attwater land in Strood and Cobham dated 1701 the other not legible.
12 18 July 1707 Assignment of Lease. Stephen Hulkes Baker of Strood and Juliano Cosar of Strood Apothacary. This lease was purchased by Mr Julian Cosar after he had made his will in 1704 and made his wife  ……..?  ………? who proved the said will in the prerogative of London 15 May 1712
13 4 October 1727 Copy of the Will of Mary Turner of Strood Widow. To my son Richard Tassel my part of Strood Mill. Several bequests. Her house and effects to Rev Mr Perfect Minister of the Parish of Strood
14 8 April 1728 Lease Mr Attwater to Mr Low Lease for 11 years. William Atwater of Chatham  Carpenter to Thomas Low of Strood. Kings Head presently occupied by Simon Rigglesworth on the south side of the High Street of Strood
15 1 December 1729 Joseph Taylor Esq to Mr Hulkes and Mr Morley. Assignment of Mr Taylor’s part of Strood Mill. Damaged.
16 4 December 1741 Mr James Hulkes of Strood Baker and Mr Thomas Morley of Strood Baker. Articles of Agreement. Watermills in Strood
17 10 March 1742 Assignment of a Moiety of Watermill in Strood. Thomas Morley of Strood in the County of Kent Baker and George Cowland of Frindsbury in the County of Kent Yeoman. Dean of Cathedral  Nicholas Claggett. Joseph Taylor of Mark Lane London Esquire and William Scott of Strood Houes Carpenter. James Hulkes
18 April 1750 Elizabeth Scott of Strood widow of William Scott House Carpenter late of Strood to Henry Green. Names mentioned :- Henry Figges, Joseph King, Thomas Dolbin, Frances Russell widow. Dean & Chapter. 2 Messuages , Yards, Barksides, Garden and Buildings
19 15 April 1751 Assignment of Leasehold Tenants in Strood. Elizabeth Scott widow of William Scott House Carpenter of Strood to Henry Green
20 25 June 1777 Between William Twopeny of Rochester Gent & William Hardy of Chancery Lane. London to Henry Frederick of Strood Wheelwright. Assignment Absolute of a Dean & Chapter  ……. Tenements in Strood. Property & land Newark Strood. Large tear almost through the centre of the document
21 1 July 1777 Mr Henry Frederick  Wheelwright of Strood to Mr Aaron Waddup Taylor and Draper of Rochester. Newark in the parish of Strood messuages & tenements lately erected. Assignment of  Leasehold Tenements in Strood on condition as a Security  for one hundred and fifty pounds and interest of 5£ percent
22 1 July 1777 Mr Henry Frederick Wheelwright of Strood to Mr Aaron Waddup of Rochester Taylor and Draper. Bond for £150 Interest at 5£ percent secured also by mortgage
23 6 December 1778 Release of a Legacy of £600 payable out of freehold premises. Mr William West alias Day to Mr David Day
24 13 January 1782 Lease Edward Epine of Westminster to Isaac Wildash Property? in Chatham. In urgent need of conservation
25 24 June 1783 Mr Henry Frederick to Mr Thomas Hulkes. Assignment of Leasehold Tenements in Strood Absolute. Newark
26 15 November 1791  Copy of Office Copy of the will of Isaac Wildash  dated 15 November 1791  proved at London 24 September 1792. Yew Tree House in Rainham Street Rainham. New built messuage etc in Moor Street Rainham. Other property in Rainham and Upchurch. To son-in-law Leonard Bartholomew of Addington Kent. £15000 Consolidated Bank Annuities daughter Frances Bartholomew. £2500 to Mary and Frances Murton daughters of Richard  & Mary Murton my niece. Rest to his daughter Dame Rebecca Twisden
27 8 August 1798 Absolute Assignment of Leasehold premises in Chatham held of St Bartholomews Hospital. Dame Rebecca Twisden to Mr James Hulkes Brewer. Dame Rebecca Twisden of Jennings in the parish of Hunton in the County of Kent Isaac Wildash of Chatham
28 13 February 1799 Lease of Little Hermitage and several Messuages Lands and Premises in Frindsbury. David Day Esq. to  Thomas Bentley and Jacob Ashley of Chatham Brewers and Carpenters. Land at Dally Wood and Cooks Farms 94 acres. Mansion Messuage etc called Little Hermitage
29 16 May 1800 Copy of the Act of Parliament for the Thames & Medway Canal
30 5 December 1801 Mr John Eggier to Mr Thomas Chaney. Assignment of Leasehold Premises in Saint Margaret. John Eggier of Chatham Leather Cutter & Carrier to Thomas Chaney of Chatham Baker. a) Indenture of Lease 30 April 1785 made or mentioned to be of St Bartholomew   near the said Brethren of St Bartholomew and Thomas Dampier DD Dean of Cathedral and Governor of St Bartholomew. b) and Francis Steel Bond of Chatham Shop Keeper Martha Bond occupying premises 30 Nov 1780. c) Francis Steel Bond to John Eggier 23 May 1800 Charles Dadd occupant
31 27 January 1824 Guardian Insurance Policy No 1224 Dated 27 January 1824 Mrs Penelope Hulkes of Tovil Place Maidstone Kent has insured James Hulkes for £3000
32 27 January 1824 Bundle of letters /receipts to do with above Guardian Insurance policy (Mrs Penelope Hulkes, Guardian Insurance Policy No 1224)
33 24 June 1826 James Hulkes Esq son to his mother Mrs Penelope Hulkes. Bond for payment of Annuity of £15 for life of Mrs Hulkes
34 28 April 1828 Memorandum dated 28 Apr 1828. Signed by Edward Day Hulkes and James Hulkes referring to their mother Penelope Hulkes
35 6 May 1834 Lease of Garden and Fruit Land at Sole Street in Frindsbury. William Wylde Day Esq of West Hill Frindsbury to Robert Hayes of Frindsbury Yeoman
36 7 July 1842 Bond for securing £400 and Interest Henry Stephen Hulkes of Rochester to William W Day of Little Hermitage Frindsbury
37 6 July 1842 Letter of Ex…..? and Covenant. Miss Penelope Hulkes  of Boxley Hall to Mrs Penelope Hulkes [her grandmother]of Little Hermitage Frindsbury. Names mentioned: Edward Thomas Day Hulkes  deceased father of Penelope Hulkes  and son of above Mrs Penelope Hulkes. James Hulkes son deceased c. 1836 father of James Hulkes grandson. Hulkes Brewery Chatham
38 1844-1853 Blue envelope containing receipts for half yearly profits £390 of Brewery to Mr & Mrs Beauclerk’s trustees
39 27 September 1853 Settlement on the marriage of William Alfred Swift Lt. 96th Regiment of Foot with Amelia Hulkes of Little Hermitage, Frindsbury[ died 25 Oct 1879] Policy of Assurance dated 27 Sep 1853 No 2638 with Royal Naval Military and East India Company Life Assurance Society £1000. Names mentioned James Hulkes Little Hermitage Frindsbury. Lawrence Henry Winckworth St Swithins Lane, City of London [ died 12 Dec 1872]. Richard Levinge Swift Stone buildings Lincolns Inn Barrister at Law [ died 11 Sep 1872] Including Release dated 29 Nov 1882 of Arthur Delgano Mackay Swift to James Hullkes. George Octavious Swift Release 13 Dec 1887. Also mentioned Robert William Callingford Swift. These three being offspring of the marriage
40 1869 Cleverly v Troughton  Lots 1,3,5,6,7,and 8. Abstract of the title to freehold premises in West St, High St, Queen St, East Terrace and Bentley St, Gravesend. Tierney C.Matthews 55 Lincoln Inn Fields W.C.
41 February 1877 - April 1878 Incurred by Russel (Solicitor) for legal work carried out on behalf of James Hulkes James Hulkes to J Howard Russel. Account of expenses incurred to do with legal work regarding South Eastern Railway
42 18 February 1878 Counterpart Lease of House and Land at Ash near Wrotham Kent and of right of Sporting. James Hulkes Esq to Mr C.S.Cadman. James Hulkes of Little Hermitage near Rochester in the County of Kent. Charles Shirley Cadman of 80 Findborough Road South Kensington Middlesex Whip Manufacturer. Pettings Situate at Ash near Wrotham. Witness ? 34 Bedford Row W C Solicitors Clerk
43 15 February 1879 Letter to Jas Hulkes Esq of Little Hermitage from Howard Russell Solicitor of 1 Wrotham Rd Gravesend receipt of cheque and reference to conveyance that may be obtained and mention of South Eastern?
44 3 May 1879 Counterpart Lease of (Lacknuts) house and Orchard Garden Ground at Meopham in the County of Kent. Miss C Winckworth to Mr Robert Jeal. Commencing 29th Sep 1878. Term of Years: 21. Expires 29th September 1899. Rent £30. Miss Caroline Winckworth of 23 Upper Hamilton Terrace in Middlesex. Robert Jeal of South Street Cottage Meopham Kent. Land at Culverstone Green. Witness James Hulkes JP Little Hermitage Frindsbury
45 19 May 1879 The South Eastern Railway Company to James Hulkes Esq of Little Hermitage Frindsbury. Deed of Covenant for the production of Deeds relating to land in Higham. Together with correspondence [3 letters] a lease of Land dated 23 Dec 1858  the South Eastern Railway to Mr Thomas Wyles of Stone House Farm Frindsbury  for land in  Higham and a certificate of Exoneration dated 31 Oct 1878 the South Eastern Railway Company
46 14 February 1882 Debenture of the Rochester and County Club receipt of £5 5s from James Hulkes
47 1882-1887 Solicitors accounts relating to the Swift’s Trust. Messrs Latter Willet of Bromley Kent see Item No 39
48 17 August 1886 Debenture of the Hundred of Hoo Cricket Club Receipt of £5 from James Hulkes
49 16 September 1889 Counterpart Lease of No 27 High Street in Milton next Gravesend in the County of Kent. Miss C Winckworth to Mr E Valentine. From Midsummer 1889. For year: 21. Ending: Midsummer 1910 Determinable by either party at 7 or 14 years. Rent £35 Lessor insures Caroline Winckworth of the Little Hermitage near Rochester in the County of Kent. Ezechiele Valentine of 27 High Street Milton next Gravesend in the County of Kent. Witness George Clinch Solicitor Gravesend
50 1891 Black edged Envelope containing 4 items of correspondence from the Rev E.R.Sawley regarding dispute of Tithe apportionment at Ash next Ridley
51 28 February 1894 Receipt from C J G Hulkes sum of £35 8s 5d
52 N/A The Executors of Thomas Hulkes Esq. Debt to John Gibbs
53 9 May 1896 New Brompton, Gillingham, Kent Conveyance 1896. A handwritten Indenture by way of Conveyance dated 9 May 1896. The price paid was £195. The property in question is described as 26 May Road, New Brompton, Gillingham, Kent. There is a good plan endorsed on the Conveyance. Parties: James Brazier of New Brompton, Shipwright, William Lane of New Brompton, Writer, and Thomas Hibbard of Canterbury, Veterinary Surgeon (1) The Sheerness Permanent Benefit Building Society (2) and Sarah Brazier of New Brompton, Widow (3). Signed and sealed by: all parties.

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