Welcome to the digital version of the 2018 FOMA Exhibition, In Flanders fields the poppies blow: the men of Medway who gave their lives in 1918.

This exhibition was originally displayed at the Medway Archives Centre in 2018. This was the last of four in a series to commemorate one hundred years since the First World War and produced by the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA), based on the FOMA De Caville Index and at the request of the Medway Archives Centre. The layout for the exhibition was created by the Medway Council Communications team.

After your visit why not search the FOMA De Caville Index to learn more about the Medway First World War dead.

You can navigate the exhibition in several ways, either by clicking:

  • the far-right hand side of the image, or right arrow key, to go forwards
  • the far-left hand side of the image, or left arrow key, to go backwards
  • the centre of the image to zoom in.

  • Within the zoom frame you can use the same controls to navigate the exhibition too.